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Generative techniques in AWS DeepComposer

The AWS DeepComposer music studio supports three generative AI techniques. In the following topics you can learn about each of the three available techniques, and how to use them in the two different music studio experiences.

Each available generative technique works in a similar fashion.To create compositions, you perform inference by using a trained model and an input track.

To create more complex compositions you can dabble in human-ai collaboration by using the Edit melody tool to collaborate with compatible generative AI techniques.

For a deeper introduction into the different generative AI techniques supported by AWS DeepComposer, see the Learning capsules.

If you are new to machine learning, generative AI, or the different AWS DeepComposer Music studio experiences, see the Getting started with AWS DeepComposer topic, or the tutorial about the basics of generative AI.

Important - Browser requirements

AWS DeepComposer fully supports the Chrome browser. Other browsers offer limited support for the AWS DeepComposer console and hardware. For more information about browser compatibility, see Browser support for AWS DeepComposer.