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Launch the AWS DeepRacer vehicle's device console

After you set up the vehicle's Wi-Fi connection and install required software updates, you should open the device console to verify if the vehicle's network connection is working. Subsequently, you can launch the device console to inspect, calibrate and manage the vehicle's other settings. The process involves signing in to your vehicle's device console using the IP address of your vehicle.

The device control console is hosted on the vehicle and is accessed with the IP address you obtained at the end of the Wi-Fi setup section.

To access the device console of your AWS DeepRacer vehicle through the Wi-Fi connection
  1. To access the device console of your vehicle, open a web browser on your computer, tablet or a smart phone and type your vehicle's IP address into the address bar.

    You can get this IP address when setting up the vehicle's Wi-Fi connection . For illustration, we use as an example.

    If you are prompted with a warning that the connection is not private or secure, ignore the message and continue to connect to the device console.

  2. Under Unlock your AWS DeepRacer vehicle, type the device console's password in Password and then choose Access vehicle.

    Image: Access AWS DeepRacer device console.

    You can find the default password printed on the bottom of your vehicle (under Host Name).

  3. When you are successfully signed in, you see the device console's home page as follows.

    Image: AWS DeepRacer vehicle device console home page.

You're now ready to calibrate and operate your vehicle. If this is your first time operating the vehicle, proceed to calibrating the vehicle now.