AWS Device Farm Gradle plugin - AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm Gradle plugin

This plugin provides AWS Device Farm integration with the Gradle build system in Android Studio. For more information, see Gradle.


To download the Gradle plugin, go to GitHub and follow the instructions in Building the Device Farm Gradle plugin.

The Device Farm Gradle Plugin provides Device Farm functionality from your Android Studio environment. You can kick off tests on real Android phones and tablets hosted by Device Farm.

This section contains a series of procedures to set up and use the Device Farm Gradle Plugin.



  • The Device Farm Gradle Plugin requires the AWS Mobile SDK 1.10.15 or later. For more information and to install the SDK, see AWS Mobile SDK.

  • Android tools builder test api 0.5.2

  • Apache Commons Lang3 3.3.4

For Unit Tests

  • Testng 6.8.8

  • Jmockit 1.19

  • Android gradle tools 1.3.0