Working with Test Types in AWS Device Farm - AWS Device Farm

Working with Test Types in AWS Device Farm

This section describes Device Farm support for testing frameworks, as well as for two built-in test types.

Testing Frameworks

Device Farm supports these mobile automation testing frameworks:

Android Application Testing Frameworks

iOS Application Testing Frameworks

Web Application Testing Frameworks

Web applications are supported using Appium. For more information on bringing your tests to Appium, see Working with Appium and AWS Device Farm.

Frameworks in a Custom Test Environment

Device Farm does not provide support for customizing the test environment for Calabash, XCTests, and UI Automator testing frameworks. For more information, see Working with Custom Test Environments.

Appium Version Support

For tests running in a custom environment, Device Farm supports Appium v1.8.1. For tests running in the standard environment, Device Farm supports v1.7.2. For more information, see Test Environments.

Built-in Test Types

With built-in tests, you can test your application on multiple devices without having to write and maintain test automation scripts. Device Farm offers two built-in test types: