Device support in AWS Device Farm - AWS Device Farm

Device support in AWS Device Farm

The following sections provide information about device support in Device Farm.

Supported devices

Device Farm provides support for hundreds of unique, popular Android and iOS devices and operating system combinations. The list of available devices grows as new devices enter the market. For the full list of devices, see Device List.

Device pools

Device Farm organizes its devices into device pools that you can use for your testing. These device pools contain related devices, such as devices that run only on Android or only on iOS. Device Farm provides curated device pools, such as those for top devices. You can also create device pools that mix public and private devices.

Private devices

Private devices allow you to specify exact hardware and software configurations for your testing needs. Certain configurations, such as rooted Android devices, can be supported as private devices. Each private device is a physical device that Device Farm deploys on your behalf in an Amazon data center. Your private devices are available exclusively to you for both automated and manual testing. After you choose to end your subscription, the hardware is removed from our environment. For more information, see Private Devices and Working with private devices in AWS Device Farm.

Device branding

Device Farm runs tests on physical mobile and tablet devices from a variety of OEMs.

Device slots

Device slots correspond to concurrency in which the number of device slots you have purchased determines how many devices you can run in tests or remote access sessions.

There are two types of device slots:

  • A remote access device slot is one you can run in remote access sessions concurrently.

    If you have one remote access device slot, you can only run one remote access session at a time. If you purchase additional remote testing device slots, you can run multiple sessions concurrently.

  • An automated testing device slot is one on which you can run tests concurrently.

    If you have one automated testing device slot, you can only run tests on one device at a time. If you purchase additional automated testing device slots, you can run multiple tests concurrently, on multiple devices, to get test results faster.

You can purchase device slots based on the device family (Android or iOS devices for automated testing and Android or iOS devices for remote access). For more information, see Device Farm Pricing.

Preinstalled device apps

Devices in Device Farm include a small number of apps that are already installed by manufacturers and carriers.

Device capabilities

All devices have a Wi-Fi connection to the internet. They do not have carrier connections and cannot make phone calls or send SMS messages.

You can take photos with any device that supports a front- or rear-facing camera. Due to the way the devices are mounted, photos might look dark and blurry.

Google Play Services is installed on devices that support it, but these devices do not have an active Google account.