Working with Private Devices in AWS Device Farm - AWS Device Farm

Working with Private Devices in AWS Device Farm

A private device is a physical mobile device that AWS Device Farm deploys on your behalf in an Amazon data center. This device is exclusive to your AWS account.


Currently, private devices are available only in the AWS US West (Oregon) Region (us-west-2). If you're interested in using a fleet of one or more private devices, contact us. The Device Farm team must work with you to set up and deploy a fleet of one or more private devices for your AWS account.

If you have a private device fleet, you can create remote access sessions and schedule test runs with your private devices. You can also create instance profiles to control the behavior of your private devices during a remote access session or a test run. For more information, see Managing Private Devices in AWS Device Farm.

You can also create an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud endpoint service to test private apps that your company has access to, but are not reachable through the internet. For example, you might have a web application running in your VPC that you want to test on mobile devices. For more information, see Using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Endpoint Services with AWS Device Farm.