Working with remote access in AWS Device Farm - AWS Device Farm

Working with remote access in AWS Device Farm

Remote access allows you to swipe, gesture, and interact with a device through your web browser in real time to test functionality and reproduce customer issues. You interact with a specific device by creating a remote access session with that device.

A session in Device Farm is a real-time interaction with an actual, physical device hosted in a web browser. A session displays the single device you select when you start the session. A user can start more than one session at a time with the total number of simultaneous devices limited by the number of device slots you have. You can purchase device slots based on the device family (Android or iOS devices). For more information, see Device Farm Pricing.

Device Farm currently offers a subset of devices for remote access testing. New devices are added to the device pool all the time.

Device Farm captures video of each remote access session and generates logs of activity during the session. These results include any information you provide during a session.


For security reasons, we recommend that you avoid providing or entering sensitive information, such as account numbers, personal login information, and other details during a remote access session.