Supported Capabilities, Browsers, and Platforms in Device Farm Desktop Browser Testing - Device Farm desktop browser testing

Supported Capabilities, Browsers, and Platforms in Device Farm Desktop Browser Testing

This topic lists the supported configurations of browsers and operating systems. An exception is raised if you request a browser and operating system combination that is not supported.

Values here are suitable for parametrized test suites.

Supported Capabilities

The desktop browser testing feature does not implement all capabilities outlined in the W3C WebDriver documentation and there is no support for firstMatch or alwaysMatch. Extension capabilities used by Device Farm desktop browser testing are prefixed with aws:. The following capabilities are used by the Device Farm WebDriver node:

Capability name Description Default Type Range
browserName Name of the browser to be used for the session. Required. None String Any supported browser name
browserVersion Version of the browser to be launched. latest String
  • latest

  • latest-1

  • latest-2

platform The platform (operating system) to use when creating the session. windows String Any platform supported by the requested browser
aws:maxDurationSecs Maximum time that the session can be open before it is forcibly closed. 900 Integer (seconds) 180-2400
aws:idleTimeoutSecs Maximum delay between WebDriver commands before the session is forcibly closed 120 Integer (seconds) 30-900

The value of browserVersion must be one of the three values provided. Device Farm desktop browser testing does not support requesting browsers by numerical version.

All other capabilities are passed directly to the target browser-specific WebDriver. These arguments are not officially supported by Device Farm. Their use might result in unexpected behavior.

Supported Browsers

The following browsers are supported:

Name browserName value Supported platforms
Google Chrome chrome windows
Mozilla Firefox firefox windows
Microsoft Internet Explorer internet explorer windows

Only Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 is supported. Since January, 2016, Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for older versions of Internet Explorer. For more information, see Microsoft's announcement of IE end of support.

Supported Platforms

The following platforms are supported:

Name platform value
Microsoft Windows windows