Updating DevOps Guru settings - Amazon DevOps Guru

Updating DevOps Guru settings

You can update the following Amazon DevOps Guru settings:

  • Your DevOps Guru coverage. This determines which resources in your account are analyzed.

  • Your notifications. This determines which Amazon Simple Notification Service topics are used to notify you of important DevOps Guru events.

  • Your AWS Systems Manager integration. This determines whether an OpsItem is created in Systems Manager OpsCenter for each new insight.

Updating your management account settings

You can configure DevOps Guru for accounts in your organization. If you haven't registered a delegated administrator, you can do so by choosing Register delegated administrator. For more information on registering a delegated administrator, see Enable DevOps Guru.

Updating your AWS analysis coverage in DevOps Guru

You can update which AWS resources in your account DevOps Guru analyzes. To do this, navigate to the Analyzed resources page in the console and then choose Edit. For more information, see Viewing resources analyzed by DevOps Guru.

Updating AWS Systems Manager integration in DevOps Guru

You can enable the creation of an OpsItem for each new insight in AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter. OpsCenter is a centralized system where you can view, investigate, and review operational work items (OpsItems). The OpsItems for your insights can help you manage work that addresses the anomalous behavior that triggered the creation of each insight. For more information, see AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter and Working with OpsItem in the AWS Systems Manager User Guide.


If you change the key or value of the tag field of an OpsItem, then DevOps Guru is not able to update that OpsItem. For example, if you change a tag of an OpsItem from "aws:RequestTag/DevOps-GuruInsightSsmOpsItemRelated": "true" to something else, then DevOps Guru cannot update that OpsItem.

To manage your Systems Manager integration

  1. Open the Amazon DevOps Guru console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/devops-guru/.

  2. Choose Settings in the navigation pane.

  3. In AWS Systems Manager integration, select Enable DevOps Guru to create an AWS OpstItem in OpsCenter for each insight to have an OpsItem created for each new insight. Deselect it to stop having an OpsItem created for each new insight.

You are charged for OpsItems created in your account. For more information, see AWS Systems Manager pricing.