Viewing proactive anomalies - Amazon DevOps Guru

Viewing proactive anomalies

Within insights, you can view anomalies for Amazon RDS resources. Each proactive insight provides details about one proactive anomaly. On a proactive insight page, you can view an insight overview, detailed metrics about the anomaly, and recommendations to prevent future issues. To view a proactive anomaly, go to the proactive insight page.

Insight overview

The Insight overview section provides details about why the insight was created. It displays the severity of the insight as well as a description of the anomaly and a timeframe for when the anomaly occurred. It also lists the number of affected services and applications detected by DevOps Guru.


The Metrics section provides graphs of the anomaly. Each graph displays a threshold determined by the resource's baseline behavior, as well as data of the metric reported from the time of the anomaly.

Recommendations for aggregated resources

This section suggests actions that you can take to mitigate the reported issues before they become a bigger problem. Actions that you can take are presented in the Recommended custom change column. The rationale behind the recommendations is presented in the Why is DevOps Guru recommending this? column. For more information about how to respond to recommendations, see Responding to recommendations.