AWS Direct Connect
User Guide

Disassociating a Connection From a LAG

Convert a connection to standalone by disassociating it from a LAG. You can't disassociate a connection if it causes the LAG to fall below its threshold for the minimum number of operational connections.

Disassociating a connection from a LAG does not automatically disassociate any virtual interfaces. You must associate the virtual interface with the connection separately. For more information, see Associating a Virtual Interface with a Connection or LAG.


Your connection to AWS is broken off during disassociation.

To disassociate a connection from a LAG

  1. Open the AWS Direct Connect console at

  2. In the left pane, choose LAGs.

  3. Select the LAG and choose Actions, Disassociate Connection.

  4. Select the connection from the list of available connections.

  5. Confirm and choose Continue.

To disassociate a connection using the command line or API