Deep Learning AMI
Developer Guide

Step 1: Launch a DLAMI


For this walkthrough, we might make references specific to the Deep Learning AMI (Ubuntu). Even if you select a different DLAMI, you should be able to follow this guide.

Launch the instance

  1. You have a couple routes for launching DLAMI. Choose one:


    CLI Option: If you choose to spin up a DLAMI using the AWS CLI, you will need the AMI's ID, the region and instance type, and your security token information. Be sure you have your AMI and instance IDs ready. If you haven't set up the AWS CLI yet, do that first using the guide for Installing the AWS Command Line Interface.

  2. After you have completed the steps of one of those options, wait for the instance to be ready. This usually takes only a few minutes. You can verify the status of the instance in the EC2 Console.