Migrating an On-Premises Oracle Database to Amazon Aurora MySQL - Database Migration Guide

Migrating an On-Premises Oracle Database to Amazon Aurora MySQL

Following, you can find a high-level outline and also a complete step-by-step walkthrough that both show the process for migrating an on-premises Oracle database (the source endpoint) to an Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition (the target endpoint) using AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) and the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT).

AWS DMS migrates your data from your Oracle source into your Aurora MySQL target. AWS DMS also captures data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL) changes that happen on your source database and apply these changes to your target database. This way, AWS DMS helps keep your source and target databases in synch with each other. To facilitate the data migration, DMS creates tables and primary key indexes on the target database if necessary.

However, AWS DMS doesn’t migrate your secondary indexes, sequences, default values, stored procedures, triggers, synonyms, views and other schema objects not specifically related to data migration. To migrate these objects to your Aurora MySQL target, use the AWS Schema Conversion Tool.

We highly recommend that you follow along using the Amazon sample database. To find a tutorial that uses the sample database and instructions on how to get a copy of the sample database, see Working with the Sample Database for Migration.

If you’ve used AWS DMS before or you prefer clicking a mouse to reading, you probably want to work with the high-level outline. If you need the details and want a more measured approach (or run into questions), you probably want the step-by-step guide.

Topic: Migration from On-Premises Oracle to Aurora MySQL or Amazon RDS for MySQL



Source Database: Oracle

Target Database: Amazon Aurora MySQL/MySQL


Oracle Edition: Enterprise, Standard, Express and Personal

Oracle Version: 10g (10.2 and later), 11g, 12c or higher

MySQL or Related Database Version: 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora MySQL


For this walkthrough, you provision AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) resources. You can use a t2.large replication instance with 50 GB of storage to keep your replication logs. Also, you provision an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB instance. You can use a db.r3.large Aurora MySQL DB instance with 10 GB of storage. Provisioning these resources will incur charges to your user by the hour.

To estimate what it will cost to run this walkthrough on AWS, you can use the AWS Pricing Calculator. For more information, see https://calculator.aws/ and Database Migration Service pricing.

To avoid additional charges, delete all resources after you complete the walkthrough.