Create a connection to GitHub Enterprise Server (CLI) - Developer Tools console

Create a connection to GitHub Enterprise Server (CLI)

You can use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to create a connection.

To do this, use the create-connection command.


A connection created through the AWS CLI or AWS CloudFormation is in PENDING status by default. After you create a connection with the CLI or AWS CloudFormation, use the console to edit the connection to make its status AVAILABLE.

To create a connection for an installed provider type

  1. Open a terminal (Linux, macOS, or Unix) or command prompt (Windows). Use the AWS CLI to run the create-connection command, specifying the --host-arn and --connection-name for your connection.

    aws codestar-connections create-connection --host-arn arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:host/MyHost-234EXAMPLE --connection-name MyConnection

    If successful, this command returns the connection ARN information similar to the following.

    { "ConnectionArn": "arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/aEXAMPLE-8aad" }
  2. Use the console to set up the pending connection. For more information, see Update a pending connection.