Update a pending connection - Developer Tools console

Update a pending connection

A connection created through the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or AWS CloudFormation is in PENDING status by default. After you create a connection with the AWS CLI or AWS CloudFormation, use the console to update the connection to make its status AVAILABLE.


You must use the console to update a pending connection. You cannot update a pending connection using the AWS CLI.

The first time you use the console to add a new connection to a third-party provider, you must complete the OAuth handshake with the third-party provider using the installation associated with your connection.

You can use the Developer Tools console to complete a pending connection.

To complete a connection
  1. Open the AWS Developer Tools console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/codesuite/settings/connections.

  2. Choose Settings > Connections.

    The names of all connections associated with your AWS account are displayed.

  3. In Name, choose the name of the pending connection you want to update.

    Update a pending connection is enabled when you choose a connection with a Pending status.

  4. Choose Update a pending connection.

  5. On the Connect to Bitbucket page, in Connection name, verify the name of your connection.

    Under Bitbucket apps, choose an app installation, or choose Install a new app to create one.

                    Console screenshot showing the Connect to Bitbucket dialog box, with the
                        install new app button.
  6. On the app installation page, a message shows that the AWS CodeStar app is trying to connect to your Bitbucket account. Choose Grant access.

                    Console screenshot showing AWS CodeStar requests access.
  7. The connection ID for your new installation is displayed. Choose Complete connection.