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View Connection Details

You can use the AWS CLI to view details for a connection, such as the provider name and status for the connection.

These steps assume that you have already installed a recent version of the AWS CLI or updated to the current version. For more information, see Installing the AWS CLI in the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide.

At the terminal or command line, run the get-connection command. For example, use the following command to view details for a connection with the arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/aEXAMPLE-8aad-4d5d-8878-dfcab0bc441f ARN value.

aws codestar-connections get-connection --connection-arn arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/aEXAMPLE-8aad-4d5d-8878-dfcab0bc441f

If successful, this command returns the connections details.

Example output for a Bitbucket connection:

{ "Connection": { "ConnectionName": "MyConnection", "ConnectionArn": "arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/cdacd948-EXAMPLE", "ProviderType": "Bitbucket", "OwnerAccountId": "account_id", "ConnectionStatus": "AVAILABLE" } }

Example output for a GitHub connection:

{ "Connection": { "ConnectionName": "MyGitHubConnection", "ConnectionArn": "arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/ebcd4a13-EXAMPLE", "ProviderType": "GitHub", "OwnerAccountId": "account_id", "ConnectionStatus": "AVAILABLE" } }

Example output for a GitHub Enterprise Server connection:

{ "Connection": { "ConnectionName": "MyConnection", "ConnectionArn": "arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/2d178fb9-EXAMPLE", "ProviderType": "GitHubEnterpriseServer", "OwnerAccountId": "account_id", "ConnectionStatus": "PENDING", "HostArn": "arn:aws:codestar-connections:us-west-2:account_id:host/sdfsdf-EXAMPLE" } }