Create a notification rule for a pipeline - Developer Tools console

Create a notification rule for a pipeline

You can create notification rules to send notifications about the events on your pipeline that are important to you. The following steps show you how to set up a notification rule on a single pipeline event. These steps are written with the assumption that you have a pipeline configured in your AWS account.

  1. Open the CodePipeline console at

  2. Choose a pipeline from the list and open it.

  3. Choose Notify, and then choose Create notification rule. You can also choose Settings, and then choose Create notification rule.

  4. In Notification name, enter a name for the rule.

  5. In Detail type, choose Basic if you want only the information provided to Amazon EventBridge included in the notification. Choose Full if you want to include information provided to Amazon EventBridge and information that might be supplied by the resource service or the notification manager.

    For more information, see Understanding notification contents and security.

  6. In Events that trigger notifications, under Action execution, select Started.

  7. In Targets, choose Create SNS topic.


    When you create the topic as part of creating the notification rule, the policy that allows CodePipeline to publish events to the topic is applied for you. Using a topic created for notification rules helps ensure that you subscribe only those users you want to receive notifications about this pipeline.

    After the codestar-notifications- prefix,enter a name for the topic, and then choose Submit.


    If you want to use an existing Amazon SNS topic instead of creating a new one, in Targets, choose its ARN. Make sure the topic has the appropriate access policy, and that the subscriber list contains only those users who are allowed to see information about the resource. If the Amazon SNS topic is a topic that was used for CodeCommit notifications before November 5, 2019, it will contain a policy that allows CodeCommit to publish to it that contains different permissions than those required for AWS CodeStar Notifications. Using these topics is not recommended. If you want to use one created for that experience, you must add the required policy for AWS CodeStar Notifications in addition to the one that already exists. For more information, see Configure Amazon SNS topics for notifications and Understanding notification contents and security.

  8. Choose Submit, and then review the notification rule.

  9. Subscribe your email address to the Amazon SNS topic you just created. For more information, see To subscribe users to an Amazon SNS topic used for notifications.

  10. Navigate to your pipeline, and then choose Release change.

  11. When the action starts, the notification rule sends a notification to all topic subscribers with information about the event.