Creating Access Points - Amazon Elastic File System

Creating Access Points

You can create an EFS access point using the Amazon EFS console or the AWS CLI. You can also create access points programmatically using the AWS SDKs or the EFS API directly. For more information about EFS access points, see Working with Amazon EFS Access Points.

The following procedures describe how to create an access point for an existing file system using the console and CLI. To create an access point while configuring a new file system, see Step 1: Create Your Amazon EFS File System in the Getting Started section.

  1. Open the Amazon Elastic File System console at

  2. Choose File Systems.

  3. On the File systems page, choose the file system that you want to create an access point for.

  4. For Actions, choose Manage client access. The Manage file system permissions page appears.

  5. For Access points, choose +Add access point. The New access points panel expands, displaying boxes where you can enter the access point configuration information.

  6. Enter the following information:

    • (Optional) For Name, enter a name for the access point.

    • (Optional) Under Posix User, enter the numeric POSIX values for User ID and Group ID if you want to assign a user to the access point and override the identity information provided by the NFS client. A group ID is required if you specify a user ID. Optionally, also enter any secondary group IDs.

    • (Optional) For Path, enter a path for the access point root directory. If you don't enter one, the file system root directory is used. The path can have a maximum of four levels.

    • If you provide a value for Path that doesn't already exist on the file system, make sure to provide directory owner information under Owner, enter the numeric POSIX values for Owner User ID, Owner Group ID, and Permissions. EFS creates the directory using this information. For more information about root directories for access points, see Enforcing a Root Directory with an Access Point.

  7. Choose Save access points to save and create the access point. The new access point is added to the list. Choose the expand icon next to the access point ID to see the detail information.

In the following example, the create-access-point CLI command creates an access point for the file system. The equivalent API command is CreateAccessPoint.

aws efs create-access-point --file-system-id fs-01234567 --client-token 010102020-3 { "ClientToken": "010102020-3", "Tags": [], "AccessPointId": "fsap-092e9f80b3fb5e6f3", "AccessPointArn": "arn:aws:elasticfilesystem:us-east-2:111122223333:access-point/fsap-092e9f80b3fb5e6f3", "FileSystemId": "fs-01234567", "RootDirectory": { "Path": "/" }, "OwnerId": "111122223333", "LifeCycleState": "creating" }