Amazon EKS
User Guide

Deleting a Cluster

When you're done using an Amazon EKS cluster, you should delete the resources associated with it so that you don't incur any unnecessary costs.


If you have active services in your cluster that are associated with a load balancer, you must delete those services before deleting the cluster so that the load balancers are deleted properly. Otherwise, you can have orphaned resources in your VPC that prevent you from being able to delete the VPC.

To delete an Amazon EKS cluster

  1. List all services running in your cluster.

    kubectl get svc --all-namespaces
  2. Delete any services that have an associated EXTERNAL-IP value. These services are fronted by an Elastic Load Balancing load balancer, and you must delete them in Kubernetes to allow the load balancer and associated resources to be properly released.

    kubectl delete svc service-name
  3. Delete the worker node AWS CloudFormation stack.

    1. Open the AWS CloudFormation console at

    2. Select the worker node stack to delete and then choose Actions, Delete Stack.

    3. On the Delete Stack confirmation screen, choose Yes, Delete.

  4. Delete the cluster.

    1. Open the Amazon EKS console at

    2. Select the cluster to delete and choose Delete.

    3. On the delete cluster confirmation screen, choose Delete.

  5. (Optional) Delete the VPC AWS CloudFormation stack.

    1. Select the VPC stack to delete and choose Actions and then Delete Stack.

    2. On the Delete Stack confirmation screen, choose Yes, Delete.