Deleting a managed node group - Amazon EKS

Deleting a managed node group

This topic describes how you can delete an Amazon EKS managed node group.

When you delete a managed node group, Amazon EKS will first set the minimum, maximum, and desired size of your Auto Scaling group to zero, which will trigger a scale down of your node group. Before each instance is terminated, Amazon EKS will send a signal to drain the pods from that node and wait a few minutes. If the pods haven't drained after a few minutes, Amazon EKS will let Auto Scaling continue the termination of the instance. Once all instances are terminated, the Auto Scaling group is deleted.


If you delete a managed node group that uses a node IAM role that isn't used by any other managed node group in the cluster, the role is removed from the aws-auth ConfigMap. If any self-managed node groups in the cluster are using the same node IAM role, the self-managed nodes move to the NotReady status, and the cluster operation are also disrupted. You can add the mapping back to the ConfigMap to minimize disruption.

To delete a managed node group

  1. Open the Amazon EKS console at

  2. Choose the cluster that contains the node group to delete.

  3. Select the Configuration tab. On the Compute tab, select the node group to delete, and choose Delete.

  4. On the Delete Node group: <node group name> page, type the name of the node group in the text field and choose Delete.