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Amazon EKS-Optimized AMI

The Amazon EKS-optimized AMI is built on top of Amazon Linux 2, and is configured to serve as the base image for Amazon EKS worker nodes. The AMI is configured to work with Amazon EKS out of the box, and it includes Docker, kubelet, and the AWS IAM Authenticator.


You can track security or privacy events for Amazon Linux 2 at the Amazon Linux Security Center or subscribe to the associated RSS feed. Security and privacy events include an overview of the issue, what packages are affected, and how to update your instances to correct the issue.

The AMI IDs for the latest Amazon EKS-optimized AMI (with and without GPU support) are shown in the following table.


The Amazon EKS-optimized AMI with GPU support only supports P2 and P3 instance types. Be sure to specify these instance types in your worker node AWS CloudFormation template. Because this AMI includes third-party software that requires an end user license agreement (EULA), you must subscribe to the AMI in the AWS Marketplace and accept the EULA before you can use the AMI in your worker node groups. To subscribe to the AMI, visit the AWS Marketplace.

Kubernetes version 1.11.5

Region Amazon EKS-optimized AMI with GPU support
US West (Oregon) (us-west-2) ami-094fa4044a2a3cf52 ami-014f4e495a19d3e4f
US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1) ami-0b4eb1d8782fc3aea ami-08a0bb74d1c9a5e2f
US East (Ohio) (us-east-2) ami-053cbe66e0033ebcf ami-04a758678ae5ebad5
EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1) ami-0a9006fb385703b54 ami-050db3f5f9dbd4439
EU (Stockholm) (eu-north-1) ami-082e6cf1c07e60241 ami-69b03e17

Kubernetes version 1.10.11

Region Amazon EKS-optimized AMI with GPU support
US West (Oregon) (us-west-2) ami-07af9511082779ae7 ami-08754f7ac73185331
US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1) ami-027792c3cc6de7b5b ami-03c499c67bc65c089
US East (Ohio) (us-east-2) ami-036130f4127a367f7 ami-081210a2fd7f3c487
EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1) ami-03612357ac9da2c7d ami-047637529a86c7237
EU (Stockholm) (eu-north-1) ami-04b0f84e5a05e0b30 ami-24b43a5a


These AMIs require the latest AWS CloudFormation worker node template. You cannot use these AMIs with a previous version of the worker node template; they will fail to join your cluster. Be sure to upgrade any existing AWS CloudFormation worker stacks with the latest template (URL shown below) before you attempt to use these AMIs.

The AWS CloudFormation worker node template launches your worker nodes with Amazon EC2 user data that triggers a specialized bootstrap script that allows them to discover and connect to your cluster's control plane automatically. For more information, see Launching Amazon EKS Worker Nodes.

Amazon EKS-Optimized AMI Build Scripts

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) has open-sourced the build scripts that are used to build the Amazon EKS-optimized AMI. These build scripts are now available on GitHub.

The Amazon EKS-optimized AMI is built on top of Amazon Linux 2, specifically for use as a worker node in Amazon EKS clusters. You can use this repository to view the specifics of how the Amazon EKS team configures kubelet, Docker, the AWS IAM Authenticator for Kubernetes, and more.

The build scripts repository includes a HashiCorp Packer template and build scripts to generate an AMI. These scripts are the source of truth for Amazon EKS-optimized AMI builds, so you can follow the GitHub repository to monitor changes to our AMIs. For example, perhaps you want your own AMI to use the same version of Docker that the EKS team uses for the official AMI.

The GitHub repository also contains the specialized bootstrap script that runs at boot time to configure your instance's certificate data, control plane endpoint, cluster name, and more.

Additionally, the GitHub repository contains our Amazon EKS worker node AWS CloudFormation templates. These templates make it easier to spin up an instance running the Amazon EKS-optimized AMI and register it with a cluster.

For more information, see the repositories on GitHub at