Quotas for your Network Load Balancers - Elastic Load Balancing

Quotas for your Network Load Balancers

Your AWS account has default quotas, formerly referred to as limits, for each AWS service. Unless otherwise noted, each quota is Region-specific. You can request increases for some quotas, and other quotas cannot be increased.

To view the quotas for your Network Load Balancers, open the Service Quotas console. In the navigation pane, choose AWS services and select Elastic Load Balancing. You can also use the describe-account-limits (AWS CLI) command for Elastic Load Balancing.

To request a quota increase, see Requesting a quota increase in the Service Quotas User Guide. If the quota is not yet available in Service Quotas, use the Elastic Load Balancing limit increase form.

Load balancer

Your AWS account has the following quotas related to Network Load Balancers.

Name Default Adjustable
Certificates per Network Load Balancer 25 Yes
Listeners per Network Load Balancer 50 No
Network Load Balancer ENIs per VPC 1,200 ₁ Yes
Network Load Balancers per Region 50 Yes
Target Groups per Action per Network Load Balancer 1 No
Targets per Availability Zone per Network Load Balancer 500 ₂, ₃ Yes
Targets per Network Load Balancer 3,000 ₃ Yes

¹ Each Network Load Balancer uses one network interface per zone. The quota is set at the VPC level. When sharing subnets or VPCs, the usage is calculated across all tenants.

² If a target is registered with N target groups, it counts as N targets toward this limit. Each Application Load Balancer that is a target of the Network Load Balancer counts as 50 targets if cross-zone load balancing is disabled or 100 targets if cross-zone load balancing is enabled.

³ If cross-zone load balancing is enabled, the maximum is 500 targets per load balancer, regardless of the number of Availability Zones.

Target groups

The following quotas are for target groups.

Name Default Adjustable
Target Groups per Region 3,000 ₁ Yes
Targets per Target Group per Region (instances or IP addresses) 1,000 Yes
Targets per Target Group per Region (Application Load Balancers) 1 No

¹ This quota is shared by Application Load Balancers and Network Load Balancers.