Elastic Load Balancing
Network Load Balancers

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Limits for Your Network Load Balancers

To view the current limits for your Network Load Balancers, use the Limits page of the Amazon EC2 console, or the describe-account-limits (AWS CLI) command. To request a limit increase, use the Elastic Load Balancing Limits form.

Your AWS account has the following limits related to Network Load Balancers.

Regional Limits

  • Network Load Balancers per region: 50

  • Target groups per region: 3000 *

Load Balancer Limits †

  • Listeners per load balancer: 50

  • Subnets per Availability Zone per load balancer: 1

  • [Cross-zone load balancing disabled] Targets per Availability Zone per load balancer: 500

  • [Cross-zone load balancing enabled] Targets per load balancer: 500

  • Load balancers per target group: 1

* This limit is shared by target groups for your Application Load Balancers and Network Load Balancers.

These limits cannot be increased.