Amazon Elasticsearch Service Limits - Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Amazon Elasticsearch Service Limits

The following tables show limits for Amazon ES resources, including the number of nodes per cluster, the minimum and maximum sizes for EBS volumes, and network limits.

Cluster and Instance Limits

The following table shows Amazon ES limits for clusters and instances.

Clusters and Instances Limit

Maximum number of data nodes per cluster

40 (except for the T2 and T3 instance types, which have a maximum of 10)

To request an increase up to 200 data nodes (for Elasticsearch 2.3 or later), create a case with the AWS Support Center. For more information about requesting an increase, see AWS Service Limits.

Maximum number of warm nodes per cluster


Maximum total number of data and warm nodes per cluster


You might have to request a data node limit increase to reach this total. For example, your domain might have 80 data nodes and 120 warm nodes.

Maximum number of dedicated master nodes per cluster


You can use the T2 and T3 instance types for dedicated master nodes only if the number of data nodes is 10 or fewer. We don't recommend T2 or t3.small instance types for production domains.

Maximum total storage per cluster

3 PiB

This maximum is the sum of all data nodes and warm nodes. For example, your domain might have 36 i3.8xlarge.elasticsearch instances and 140 ultrawarm1.large.elasticsearch instances for a total of 2.98 PiB of storage.

Smallest supported instance type per Elasticsearch version

t2.micro.elasticsearch (versions 1.5 and 2.3) and t2.small.elasticsearch (version 5.x and 6.x).

Maximum number of domains per account (per Region)


Maximum number of custom packages per account (per Region)


Maximum number of custom packages per domain


For a list of the instance types that Amazon ES supports, see Supported Instance Types.

UltraWarm Storage Limits

The following table lists the UltraWarm instance types and the maximum amount of storage that each type can use. For more information about UltraWarm, see UltraWarm for Amazon Elasticsearch Service.

Instance Type Maximum Storage
ultrawarm1.medium.elasticsearch 1.5 TiB
ultrawarm1.large.elasticsearch 20 TiB

EBS Volume Size Limits

The following table shows the minimum and maximum sizes for EBS volumes for each instance type that Amazon ES supports. For information about which instance types include instance storage and additional hardware details, see Amazon Elasticsearch Service Pricing.

  • If you choose magnetic storage under EBS volume type when creating your domain, the maximum volume size is 100 GiB for all instance types except t2.micro, t2.small, and t2.medium. For the maximum sizes listed in the following table, choose one of the SSD options.

  • 512 GiB is the maximum volume size for Elasticsearch version 1.5.

  • Some older-generation instance types include instance storage, but also support EBS storage. If you choose EBS storage for one of these instance types, the storage volumes are not additive. You can use either an EBS volume or the instance storage, not both.

Instance Type Minimum EBS Size Maximum EBS Size
t2.micro.elasticsearch 10 GiB 35 GiB
t2.small.elasticsearch 10 GiB 35 GiB
t2.medium.elasticsearch 10 GiB 35 GiB
t3.small.elasticsearch 10 GiB 100 GiB
t3.medium.elasticsearch 10 GiB 200 GiB
m3.medium.elasticsearch 10 GiB 100 GiB
m3.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
m3.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
m3.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
m4.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
m4.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1 TiB
m4.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
m4.4xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
m4.10xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
m5.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
m5.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1 TiB
m5.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
m5.4xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 3 TiB
m5.12xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 9 TiB
c4.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 100 GiB
c4.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
c4.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1 TiB
c4.4xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
c4.8xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
c5.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 256 GiB
c5.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
c5.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1 TiB
c5.4xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
c5.9xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 3.5 TiB
c5.18xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 7 TiB
r3.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
r3.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
r3.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
r3.4xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
r3.8xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
r4.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1 TiB
r4.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
r4.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
r4.4xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
r4.8xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
r4.16xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
r5.large.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1 TiB
r5.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 1.5 TiB
r5.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 3 TiB
r5.4xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 6 TiB
r5.12xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 12 TiB
i2.xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
i2.2xlarge.elasticsearch 10 GiB 512 GiB
i3.large.elasticsearch N/A N/A
i3.xlarge.elasticsearch N/A N/A
i3.2xlarge.elasticsearch N/A N/A
i3.4xlarge.elasticsearch N/A N/A
i3.8xlarge.elasticsearch N/A N/A
i3.16xlarge.elasticsearch N/A N/A

Network Limits

The following table shows the maximum size of HTTP request payloads.

Instance Type Maximum Size of HTTP Request Payloads
t2.micro.elasticsearch 10 MiB
t2.small.elasticsearch 10 MiB
t2.medium.elasticsearch 10 MiB
t3.small.elasticsearch 10 MiB
t3.medium.elasticsearch 10 MiB
m3.medium.elasticsearch 10 MiB
m3.large.elasticsearch 10 MiB
m3.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m3.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m4.large.elasticsearch 10 MiB
m4.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m4.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m4.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m4.10xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m5.large.elasticsearch 10 MiB
m5.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m5.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m5.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
m5.12xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c4.large.elasticsearch 10 MiB
c4.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c4.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c4.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c4.8xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c5.large.elasticsearch 10 MiB
c5.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c5.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c5.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c5.9xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
c5.18xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r3.large.elasticsearch 10 MiB
r3.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r3.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r3.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r3.8xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r4.large.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r4.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r4.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r4.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r4.8xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r4.16xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r5.large.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r5.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r5.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r5.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
r5.12xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i2.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i2.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i3.large.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i3.xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i3.2xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i3.4xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i3.8xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB
i3.16xlarge.elasticsearch 100 MiB

Java Process Limit

Amazon ES limits Java processes to a heap size of 32 GiB. Advanced users can specify the percentage of the heap used for field data. For more information, see Advanced Options and JVM OutOfMemoryError.

Domain Policy Limit

Amazon ES limits access policies on domains to 100 KiB.