POST: Create a One-Time Schedule - AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3

POST: Create a One-Time Schedule

Create a schedule that runs only once. Will only run if active. See also POST: Create a Repeating Schedule.

HTTP Request and Response

Request URL

POST http://<Conductor IP address>/channels/<channel ID>/schedules

Call Header

  • Accept: Set to application/xml

  • Content-Type: Set to application/xml

If you are implementing user authentication, you must also include three authorization headers; see Header Content for User Authentication.

Request Body

The request body contains XML content consisting of one schedule element, consisting of some or all of the following elements.

Element Value Type Description
name String [Required] A name you assign which must be unique in the channel.
active Boolean [Optional] If unspecified, defaults to false. A switch indicating whether the schedule will run. “True” for active schedules that run at the appointed time; “false” for inactive schedules that do not run but are saved in the system and can be activated later.
duration Integer [Optional] Length of time in seconds that the channel will run. If unspecified, defaults to nil="true", which results in a schedule that continues to run without stopping.
repeat Boolean [Required] The Boolean value for repeat which must be “false” for schedules that run only once.
run_at Datetime [Required for one-time schedules] The date and time , in ISO 8601 format, that the schedule begins,including UTC offset. This is present only for schedules that run only once.


The response repeats back the data that you posted with the addition of:

  • id: element containing the newly assigned ID for the schedule.

  • Any elements not specified in the request body, with default values.