Monitoring Bulk Tasks: GET One Task Report - AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3

This is version 3.19 of the AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 Documentation.

Monitoring Bulk Tasks: GET One Task Report

Get the specified task report related to one bulk task.

HTTP Request and Response

Request URL

GET http://<Conductor IP address>/task_reports/<ID of task_report>

where <ID of task_report> can be obtained from a GET Task Report List.

Call Header

  • Accept: Set to application/xml

If you are implementing user authentication, you must also include three authorization headers; see Header Content for User Authentication.


The response contains XML content consisting of one task_report element with the following.

  • An HREF attribute that specifies the product and version installed on the AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 node.

  • Several elements are shown in the table below.

Element Value Description









The same elements as in the response to GET List of Tasks
tasks Array One or more task elements. Each task represents an individual action within the bulk task. See below.

Task Elements

Element Value Description
id Integer The ID for this task. IDs are unique within the Tasks element.
description String The type of bulk task for this task report: “Channel Start” or “Channel Stop.”
state String The state of this bulk task. When the state changes to "Success," the <successful_count> increments; when the state changes to "Failure," then <failure_count> increments.
message String “Success” or “Failure.”