Step D: Complete the output mappings - AWS Elemental Live

Step D: Complete the output mappings

Map each router output to the SDI input on the AWS Elemental Live hardware unit that you plan to use. This mapping must reflect the actual cabling from the output side of the router to the input side of the SDI card.


In the following example, the four inputs on the SDI card at the top have a path into the router. The one and only input on the second card has a path to the router. And two of the four inputs on the bottom SDI card have a path to the router.

To map the outputs

  1. On the AWS Elemental Live web interface, make sure you're on the Edit Router screen, as described in Step C: Complete the input mappings. Choose Map Outputs.

  2. Complete the first line as follows:

    • Output: Select an output that is one of the cabled router outputs that you plan to use.

    • Connected to: Select the card and node that the router output is connected to.



    Do not select any of the quad-link inputs (inputs 5 and 10 in the example above). AWS Elemental Live does not currently support 4K SDI input via a router.

  3. Choose Add (+ icon).

  4. Choose Map Outputs again and create a line for each router output that is cabled.

    In this example, only the SDI inputs that are actually attached to the router are configured.


Here is an example of a completed router configuration: