Job run states - Amazon EMR

Job run states

When you submit a job run to an Amazon EMR Serverless job queue, the job run enters the SUBMITTED state. It then passes through the following states until it succeeds (exits with code 0) or fails (exits with a non-zero code).

Job runs can have the following states:

State Description
Submitted The initial job state when a job run is submitted to EMR Serverless. The job is waiting to be scheduled for the application, and EMR Serverless has begun to prioritize and schedule the job run.
Pending The scheduler is evaluating the job run to prioritize and schedule the run for the application.
Scheduled The job run has been scheduled for the application, and EMR Serverless is allocating resources to execute the job.
Running EMR Serverless has allocated the resources that the job initially needs, and the job is running in the application. In Spark applications, this means that the Spark driver process is in the running state.
Failed The job run failed to be submitted to the application or it completed unsuccessfully. See StateDetails for additional information about this job failure.
Success The job run has completed successfully.
Cancelling The job run has been requested for cancellation, either through the CancelJobRun API or due to timeout. EMR Serverless is trying to cancel the job in the application and release the resources.
Cancelled The job run was cancelled successfully, and the resources that it used have been released.