Interacting with your application from the EMR Studio console - Amazon EMR

Interacting with your application from the EMR Studio console

From the EMR Studio console, you can create, view, and manage EMR Serverless applications. To navigate to the EMR Studio console, follow the instructions in Getting started from the console.

Create an application

With the Create application page, you can create an EMR Serverless application by following these steps.

  1. In the Name field, enter the name you want to call your application.

  2. In the Type field, choose Spark or Hive as the type of the application.

  3. In the Release version field, choose the EMR release number.

  4. In the Architecture options, choose the instruction set architecture to use. For more information, see Amazon EMR Serverless architecture options.

    • arm64 — 64-bit ARM architecture; to use AWS Graviton2 processors

    • x86_64 — 64-bit x86 architecture; to use x86-based processors

  5. There are two application setup options for the remaining fields: default settings and custom settings. These fields are optional.

    Default settings — Default settings allow you to create an application quickly with pre-initialized capacity. This includes one driver and one executor for Spark, and one driver and one Tez Task for Hive. The default settings don't enable network connectivity to your VPCs. The application is configured to stop if idle for 15 minutes, and auto-starts on job submission.

    Custom settings — Custom settings allow you to modify the following properties.

    • Pre-initialized capacity — The number of drivers and executors or Hive Tez Task workers, and the size of each worker.

    • Application limits — The maximum capacity of an application.

    • Application behavior — The application's auto-start and auto-stop behavior.

    • Network connections — Network connectivity to VPC resources.

    • Tags — Custom tags that you can assign to the application.

    For more information about pre-initialized capacity, application limits, and application behavior, see Configuring an application. For more information about network connectivity, see Configuring VPC access.

  6. To create the application, choose Create application .

List applications

You can view all existing EMR Serverless applications from the List applications page. You can choose an application’s name to navigate to the Details page for that application.

Manage applications

You can perform the following actions on an application from either the List applications page or from a specific application’s Details page.

Start application

Choose this option to manually start an application.

Stop application

Choose this option to manually stop an application. An application should have no running jobs in order to be stopped. To learn more about application state transitions, see Application states.

Configure application

Edit the optional settings for an application from the Configure application page. You can change most application settings. For example, you can change the release label for an application to upgrade it to a different version of Amazon EMR, or you can switch the architecture from x86_64 to arm64. The other optional settings are the same as those that are in the Custom settings section on the Create application page. For more information about the application settings, see Create an application.

Delete application

Choose this option to manually delete an application. You must stop an application in order to delete it. To learn more about application state transitions, see Application states.