Tagging your resources - Amazon EMR

Tagging your resources

You can tag new or existing applications and job runs. If you're using the Amazon EMR Serverless API, the AWS CLI, or an AWS SDK, you can apply tags to new resources using the tags parameter on the relevant API action. You can apply tags to existing resources using the TagResource API action.

You can use some resource-creating actions to specify tags for a resource when the resource is created. In this case, if tags cannot be applied while the resource is being created, the resource fails to be created. This mechanism ensures that resources you intended to tag on creation are either created with specified tags or not created at all. If you tag resources at the time of creation, you do not need to run custom tagging scripts after creating a resource.

The following table describes the Amazon EMR Serverless resources that can be tagged.

Resource Supports tags Supports tag propagation Supports tagging on creation (Amazon EMR Serverless API, AWS CLI, and AWS SDK) API for creation (tags can be added during creation)
Application Yes No. Tags associated with an application do not propagate to job runs submitted to that application. Yes CreateApplication
Job run Yes No Yes StartJobRun