Register the Amazon EKS cluster with Amazon EMR - Amazon EMR

Register the Amazon EKS cluster with Amazon EMR

Registering your cluster is the final required step to set up Amazon EMR on EKS to run workloads.

Use the following command to create a virtual cluster with a name of your choice for the Amazon EKS cluster and namespace that you set up in previous steps.


Each virtual cluster must have a unique name across all the EKS clusters. If two virtual clusters have the same name, the deployment process will fail even if the two virtual clusters belong to different EKS clusters.

aws emr-containers create-virtual-cluster \ --name virtual_cluster_name \ --container-provider '{ "id": "cluster_name", "type": "EKS", "info": { "eksInfo": { "namespace": "namespace_name" } } }'

Alternatively, you can create a JSON file that includes the required parameters for the virtual cluster and then run the create-virtual-cluster command with the path to the JSON file. For more information, see Managing virtual clusters.


To validate the successful creation of a virtual cluster, view the status of virtual clusters using the list-virtual-clusters operation or by going to the Virtual Clusters page in the Amazon EMR console.