View application history - Amazon EMR

View application history

You can view Spark History Server and YARN timeline service application details using the Application user interfaces tab of a cluster's detail page in the console. Amazon EMR application history makes it easier for you to troubleshoot and analyze active jobs and job history.

The Application user interfaces tab provides several viewing options:

  • Off-cluster access to persistent application user interfaces – Starting with Amazon EMR version 5.25.0, persistent application user interface links are available for Spark. With Amazon EMR version 5.30.1 and later, Tez UI and the YARN timeline server also have persistent application user interfaces. The YARN timeline server and Tez UI are open-source applications that provide metrics for active and terminated clusters. The Spark user interface provides details about scheduler stages and tasks, RDD sizes and memory usage, environmental information, and information about the running executors. Persistent application UIs are run off-cluster, so cluster information and logs are available for 30 days after an application terminates. Unlike on-cluster application user interfaces, persistent application UIs don't require you to set up a web proxy through a SSH connection.

  • On-cluster application user interfaces – There are a variety of application history user interfaces that can be run on a cluster. On-cluster user interfaces are hosted on the master node and require you to set up a SSH connection to the web server. On-cluster application user interfaces keep application history for one week after an application terminates. For more information and instructions on setting up an SSH tunnel, see View web interfaces hosted on Amazon EMR clusters.

    With the exception of the Spark History Server, YARN timeline server, and Hive applications, on-cluster application history can only be viewed while the cluster is running.

  • High-level application history – With Amazon EMR version 5.8.0 to 5.36.0 and 6.x releases up to 6.8.0, you can view a summary of application history in the EMR console, including key metrics for stage tasks and executors. Effective January 23rd, 2023, Amazon EMR will discontinue the debugging tool for all versions. If you use Amazon EMR version 5.25.0 or higher, we recommend that you use the persistent application user interface instead.