Amazon EMR
Management Guide

Considerations When Using EMR Notebooks

EMR Notebooks runs Jupyter Notebook version 5.7.0 and Python 3.6.5.

EMR Notebooks is pre-configured with the following kernels and library packages installed.


  • PySpark

  • PySpark3

  • Python3

  • Spark

  • SparkR

Installing additional library packages from within the notebook editor is not currently supported. If you require customized kernels or library packages, install them using bootstrap actions or by specifying a custom Amazon Linux AMI for Amazon EMR when you create a cluster. For more information, see Create Bootstrap Actions to Install Additional Software and Using a Custom AMI.

Clusters that you use with an EMR notebook have requirements. The number of notebooks that you can use with a cluster is limited by the master node configuration. For more information, see Creating Amazon EMR Clusters for Notebooks.