Sample commands to execute EMR Notebooks programmatically - Amazon EMR

Sample commands to execute EMR Notebooks programmatically

EMR Notebook execution APIs are available to execute EMR notebooks via a script or command line. The ability to start, stop, list, and describe EMR notebook executions without the AWS console enables you programmatically control an EMR notebook. Using a parameterized notebook cell, you can pass different parameter values to a notebook without having to create a copy of the notebook for each new set of parameter values. See EMR API actions.

EMR notebook execution can be scheduled or batched using Amazon CloudWatch events and AWS Lambda. See Using AWS Lambda with Amazon CloudWatch Events

This section provides several examples of programmatic EMR notebook execution using the AWS CLI, Boto3 SDK (Python), and Ruby.

Notebook execution CLI command samples

Notebook execution Python samples

Notebook execution Ruby samples

You can also run parameterized notebooks as part of scheduled workflows using an orchestration tool such as Apache Airflow or Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow. For more information, see Orchestrating analytics jobs on EMR Notebooks using MWAA in the AWS Big Data Blog.


  • A maximum of 100 concurrent executions are allowed per region per account.

  • An execution is terminated if running for more than 30 days.