Amazon AppStream 2.0
Administration Guide

The AppStream 2.0 Client

Your users can start AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions by using the AppStream 2.0 client application for a supported device or by using a web browser.

The AppStream 2.0 client is a native application that is designed for users who require additional functionality during their AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions. This client is suitable for users who:

  • Require support for multiple monitors

  • Use their USB devices with applications streamed through AppStream 2.0

  • Use keyboard shortcuts during their streaming sessions

  • Require seamless access to local drives and folders during their streaming sessions

The following topics provide information to help you and your users install and use the AppStream 2.0 client. For information about how to access AppStream 2.0 through a web browser, see the Web Browser section in Accessing AppStream 2.0 as a User.