Property - AWS Data Pipeline


A single key-value property for use with an EmrConfiguration object.


The following pipeline definition shows an EmrConfiguration object and corresponding Property objects to launch an EmrCluster:

{ "objects": [ { "name": "ReleaseLabelCluster", "releaseLabel": "emr-4.1.0", "applications": ["spark", "hive", "pig"], "id": "ResourceId_I1mCc", "type": "EmrCluster", "configuration": { "ref": "coresite" } }, { "name": "coresite", "id": "coresite", "type": "EmrConfiguration", "classification": "core-site", "property": [{ "ref": "io-file-buffer-size" }, { "ref": "fs-s3-block-size" } ] }, { "name": "io-file-buffer-size", "id": "io-file-buffer-size", "type": "Property", "key": "io.file.buffer.size", "value": "4096" }, { "name": "fs-s3-block-size", "id": "fs-s3-block-size", "type": "Property", "key": "fs.s3.block.size", "value": "67108864" } ] }


This object includes the following fields.

Required Fields Description Slot Type
key key String
value value String

Optional Fields Description Slot Type
parent Parent of the current object from which slots are inherited. Reference Object, for example, "parent":{"ref":"myBaseObjectId"}

Runtime Fields Description Slot Type
@version Pipeline version that the object was created with. String

System Fields Description Slot Type
@error Error describing the ill-formed object. String
@pipelineId ID of the pipeline to which this object belongs. String
@sphere The sphere of an object denotes its place in the lifecycle: Component Objects give rise to Instance Objects, which execute Attempt Objects. String

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