Welcome - EnginFrame Administrator Guide


About this guide

This guide describes how you can install, configure, and manage a NICE EnginFrame portal instance.

Who this guide is for

This guide is intended for system administrators that install and manage one or more NICE EnginFrame portal instances.

What you should know

This guide assumes the following:

  • You're familiar with Unix system administration tasks such as creating user accounts, sharing and mounting Network File System (NFS) partitions, backing up the system.

  • You have a foundation in web-related technologies such as the HTTP protocol, the SSL protocol, and the XML language.

Learn about NICE products

World Wide Web

You can find the latest information about NICE EnginFrame on its website: https://www.nice-software.com.

For more information about other NICE products and about the professional services provided by NICE, refer to the company's website: https://www.nice-software.com.

Get technical support

Contact NICE or your EnginFrame reseller for technical support.

NICE support contacts

Use one of the following to contact NICE technical support.


World Wide Web



+39 0141 901516


When contacting the NICE support team, include the full name of your company.

Collect support information

Use "Support/Collect support info" service that's described in Operational Dashboard to collect some preliminary data to help NICE support process your support request.

The output of this service is a compressed archive that contains all the gathered information. Send the compressed archive to NICE support team attached to your request.