Setting up CodeGuru Profiler - Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

Setting up CodeGuru Profiler

An Amazon CodeGuru Profiler profiling group is a group of applications for which data is meant to be aggregated and analyzed together. To create a profiling group, sign in to the AWS Management Console and set permissions for the CodeGuru Profiler profiling agent.

The profiling agent collects runtime data from your applications. Data that the agent collects is analyzed to provide flame graphs and hourly reports with recommendations for how you can optimize your applications.

You can create a profiling group using your own application or the demo application. For more information about using the demo application, see Getting started with CodeGuru Profiler.

Before you can start using CodeGuru Profiler, you must complete setup. If your application runs on AWS Lambda, then you can enable profiling from the Lambda console. If your application runs on a platform other than Lambda, then you can complete the setup process in the CodeGuru Profiler console.