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Amazon EventBridge Pipes

Amazon EventBridge Pipes connects sources to targets. It reduces the need for specialized knowledge and integration code when developing event driven architectures, fostering consistency across your company’s applications. To set up a pipe, you choose the source, add optional filtering, define optional enrichment, and choose the target for the event data.

EventBridge Pipes could be used to create an ecommerce system. Imagine that you have an API that contains customer metadata, such as shipping addresses. The source might be an Amazon SQS order received message. The pipe then sends that data to an Amazon API Gateway API enrichment that returns the customer information for that order. Finally the pipe sends the enriched data to a AWS Step Functions state machine, which processes the order.

      An overview of EventBridge Pipes, showing a progression from the source, through
          filtering and enrichment, to the target.


EventBridge Pipes receives event data from a variety of sources, applies optional filters and enrichment to that data, and sends it to a target. If a source enforces order to the events sent to pipes, that order is maintained throughout the entire process to the target. For more information about sources, see Amazon EventBridge Pipes sources.


EventBridge Pipes can filter a given source’s events and then process only a subset of those events. For more information about filtering, see Amazon EventBridge Pipes filtering.


With the enrichment step of EventBridge Pipes, you can enhance the data from the source before sending it to the target. For example, you might receive Ticket created events that don’t include the full ticket data. Using enrichment, you can have a Lambda function call the get-ticket API for the full ticket details. Pipes can then send that information to a target.

For more information about enriching event data, see Amazon EventBridge Pipes event enrichment.


After the event data has been filtered and enriched, you can send it to a specific target, such as an Amazon Kinesis stream or an Amazon CloudWatch log group. For a list of the available targets, see Amazon EventBridge Pipes targets.

You can transform the data after it’s enhanced and before it’s sent to the target. For more information, see Amazon EventBridge Pipes input transformation.