Amazon EventBridge code bindings - Amazon EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge code bindings

You can generate code bindings for event schemas to speed development for Java, Python, and TypeScript. You can get code bindings for existing AWS services, schemas you create, and for schemas you generate based on events on an event bus. You can generate code bindings for a schema using the EventBridge console, the EventBridge Schema Registry API, and directly in your IDE with the AWS Toolkit.

You must enable discovery on an event bus to generate code bindings.

To generate code bindings from an EventBridge schema

  1. Open the Amazon EventBridge console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Schemas.

  3. Find a schema that you would like code bindings for, either by looking through the schema registries, or by searching for a schema.

  4. Select the schema name to display the Schema details page.

  5. In the Version section, select Download code bindings.

  6. On the Download code bindings page, select the language of the code bindings you want to download.

  7. Select Download.

    It may take a few seconds for your download to begin. The download file will be a zip file of code bindings for the language you selected.