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Activating your AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance

After configuring your IP address, you enter this IP address on the Hardware page of the AWS Storage Gateway console to activate your hardware appliance. The activation process validates that your hardware appliance has the appropriate security credentials and registers the appliance to your AWS account.

You can choose to activate your hardware appliance in any of the supported AWS Regions. For a list of supported AWS Regions, see Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance Regions in the AWS General Reference.

To activate your AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance
  1. Open the AWS Storage Gateway Management Console and sign in with the account credentials you want to use to activate your hardware.


    For activation only, the following must be true:

    • Your browser must be on the same network as your hardware appliance.

    • Your firewall must allow HTTP access on port 8080 to the appliance for inbound traffic.

  2. Choose Hardware from the navigation menu on the left side of the page.

  3. Choose Activate appliance.

  4. For IP Address, enter the IP address that you configured for your hardware appliance, then choose Connect.

    For more information about configuring the IP address, see Configuring network parameters.

  5. For Name, enter a name for your hardware appliance. Names can be up to 255 characters long and can't include a slash character.

  6. For Hardware appliance time zone, enter the local time zone from which most of the workload for the gateway will be generated., then choose Next.

    The time zone controls when hardware updates take place, with 2 a.m. used as the default scheduled time to perform updates. Ideally, if the time zone is set properly, updates will take place outside of the local working day window by default.

  7. Review the activation parameters in the Hardware appliance detail section. You can choose Previous to go back and make changes if necessary. Otherwise, choose Activate to finish the activation.

A banner appears on the Hardware appliance overview page, indicating that the hardware appliance has been successfully activated.

At this point, the appliance is associated with your account. The next step is to configure and launch an S3 File Gateway, FSx File Gateway, Tape Gateway, or Volume Gateway on the new appliance.

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