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Using the Amazon FinSpage Homepage

You will see the FinSpace homepage when you login to FinSpace web application. For signing in to your FinSpace web application, see signing in to Amazon FinSpace web application. This section will walk through the various parts of the homepage. Please note that most features are enabled by permissions and if your user is not a member of a user group with permissions, such as Access Notebooks, you will not see the GO TO NOTEBOOK button at the top of the homepage. For more information on permissions, please see Manage user permissions with User Groups.

         home page

Top Menu Bar

            top menu bar

The FinSpace icon and text in the top left corner act as a home link so that from anywhere in FinSpace, selecting the FinSpace in the upper left will return you to the homepage. Across the top you will find the keyword search box, where you can enter text to search for datasets in FinSpace. Next to that are the GO TO NOTEBOOK and ADD DATA buttons which will be visible if your user i s a member of a user group with necessary permissions. The GO TO NOTEBOOK will be visible after choosing ANALYZE IN NOTEBOOK on a data view. Choosing GO TO NOTEBOOK will open a new tab in your browser and open a FinSpace notebook. The ADD DATA button will take you to a data upload wizard where you can quickly upload a data file and create a new d ataset to store the data file.

Gear Menu

            gear menu

The gear menu provides access to the administrative functions in FinSpace. Each menu item will take you to the function for that feature. These functions will be visible on the menu only if your user is a member of a user group with necessary permissions.

User Profile Menu

            user initials menu

The user profile menu on the far right of the navigation bar that shows your user initials provides access to your user profile, links to the documentation and tutorials, and the ability to log out of FinSpace. If you select your name you can see what user groups you are a member of.

Data Browser

            data browser

The left hand navigation menu is the FinSpace data browser. Datasets are browsed with categories that you can configure yourself. Selecting any of these nodes will take you to a browse results page that will find you all the datasets in FinSpace that are associated with that selected category.

Action Cards

            action cards

In the bottom section of the FinSpace homepage you will find action cards titled ADD DATA, FIND DATA, ANALYZE DATA, ADD USERS, AND CONFIGURE CATALOG. Each card provides guidance to help you get started with FinSpace.

My Recent Views

            my recent views

The My Recent Views section of the homepage will show five of the most recently created data views of datasets, including the status of the processing to create the view. You can choose the dataset name to go to the dataset details page or choose ANALYZE IN NOTEBOOK link at the bottom of the card to access a notebook with sample code to access the view.

Discover FinSpace

You can learn more about FinSpace by choosing Tutorial Videos on the user profile menu. There you will find a section titled Discover FinSpace with informative videos about using FinSpace. This section will change from time to time as new videos are added.

            discover finspace