Choose a model type - Amazon Fraud Detector

Choose a model type

The following model types are available in Amazon Fraud Detector. Choose a model type that works for your use case.

  • Online Fraud Insights

    The Online Fraud Insights model type is optimized to detect fraud when little historical data is available about the entity being evaluated, for example, a new customer registering online for a new account.

  • Transaction Fraud Insights

    The Transaction Fraud Insights model type is best suited for detecting fraud use cases where the entity that is being evaluated might have a history of interactions that the model can analyze to improve prediction accuracy (for example, an existing customer with history of past purchases).

  • Account Takeover Insights

    The Account Takeover Insights model type detects if an account was compromised by phishing or another type of attack. The login data of a compromised account, such as the browser and device used at login, is different from the historical login data that’s associated with the account.