What is Amazon Fraud Detector? - Amazon Fraud Detector

What is Amazon Fraud Detector?

Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully managed fraud detection service that automates the detection of potentially fraudulent activities online. These activities include unauthorized transactions and the creation of fake accounts. Amazon Fraud Detector works by using machine learning to analyze your data. It does this in a way that builds off of the seasoned expertise of more than 20 years of fraud detection at Amazon.

You can use Amazon Fraud Detector to build customized fraud-detection models, add decision logic to interpret the model’s fraud evaluations, and assign outcomes such as pass or send for review for each possible fraud evaluation. With Amazon Fraud Detector, you don't need machine learning expertise to detect fraudulent activities.

To get started, collect and prepare fraud data that you collected at your organization. Amazon Fraud Detector then uses this data to train, test, and deploy a custom fraud detection model on your behalf. As a part of this process, Amazon Fraud Detector uses machine learning models that have learned patterns of fraud from AWS and Amazon’s own fraud expertise to evaluate your fraud data and generate model scores and model performance data. You configure decision logic to interpret the model’s score and assign outcomes for how to deal with each fraud evaluation.