Create a detector - Amazon Fraud Detector

Create a detector

A detector contains the detection logic, such as the models and rules, for a particular event that you want to evaluate for fraud. Each detector can evaluate one event type.

A detector can have multiple versions, with each version having a status of DRAFT, ACTIVE, or INACTIVE. Only one detector version can be in ACTIVE status at a time.

To create a detector using the AWS Console, see Step 1: Build detector.

Create a detector using the AWS SDK for Python (Boto3)

The following example shows a sample request for the PutDetector API. A detector acts as a container for your detector versions. The PutDetector API specifies what event type the detector will evaluate. The following example assumes you have created an event type sample_registration.

import boto3 fraudDetector = boto3.client('frauddetector') fraudDetector.put_detector ( detectorId = 'sample_detector', eventTypeName = 'sample_registration' )

After you create a detector, you can Create a rule.