Import a SageMaker model - Amazon Fraud Detector

Import a SageMaker model

You can optionally import SageMaker-hosted models to Amazon Fraud Detector. Similar to models, SageMaker models can be added to detectors and generate fraud predictions using the GetEventPrediction API. As part of the GetEventPrediction request, Amazon Fraud Detector will invoke your SageMaker endpoint and pass the results to your rules.

You can configure Amazon Fraud Detector to use the event variables sent as part of the GetEventPrediction request. If you choose to use event variables, you must provide an input template. Amazon Fraud Detector will use this template to transform your event variables into the required input payload to invoke the SageMaker endpoint. Alternatively, you can configure your SageMaker model to use a byteBuffer that is sent as part of the GetEventPrediction request.

Amazon Fraud Detector supports importing SageMaker algorithms that use JSON or CSV input formats and JSON or CSV output formats. Examples of supported SageMaker algorithms include XGBoost, Linear Learner, and Random Cut Forest.

Import a SageMaker model using the AWS SDK for Python (Boto3)

To import a SageMaker model, use the PutExternalModel API. The following example assumes the SageMaker endpoint sagemaker-transaction-model has been deployed, is InService status, and uses the XGBoost algorithm.

The input configuration specifies that will use the event variables to construct the model input (useEventVariables is set to TRUE). The input format is TEXT_CSV, given XGBoost requires a CSV input. The csvInputTemplate specifies how to construct the CSV input from the variables sent as part of the GetEventPrediction request. This example assumes you have created the variables order_amt, prev_amt, hist_amt and payment_type.

The output configuration specifies the response format of the SageMaker model, and maps the appropriate CSV index to the Amazon Fraud Detector variable sagemaker_output_score. Once configured, you can use the output variable in rules.


The output from a SageMaker model must be mapped to a variable with source EXTERNAL_MODEL_SCORE. You cannot create these variables in the console using Variables. You must instead create them when you configure your model import.

import boto3 fraudDetector = boto3.client('frauddetector') fraudDetector.put_external_model ( modelSource = 'SAGEMAKER', modelEndpoint = 'sagemaker-transaction-model', invokeModelEndpointRoleArn = 'your_SagemakerExecutionRole_arn', inputConfiguration = { 'useEventVariables' : True, 'eventTypeName' : 'sample_transaction', 'format' : 'TEXT_CSV', 'csvInputTemplate' : '{{order_amt}}, {{prev_amt}}, {{hist_amt}}, {{payment_type}}' }, outputConfiguration = { 'format' : 'TEXT_CSV', 'csvIndexToVariableMap' : { '0' : 'sagemaker_output_score' } }, modelEndpointStatus = 'ASSOCIATED' )