Amazon FreeRTOS
User Guide

Create an Amazon S3 Bucket to Store Your Update

OTA update files are stored in Amazon S3 buckets.

If you are using Code Signing for AWS IoT, the command you use to create a code-signing job takes a source bucket (where the unsigned firmware image is located) and a destination bucket (where the signed firmware image is written). You can specify the same bucket for both the source and destination. The file names are changed to GUIDs so the original files are not overwritten.

To create an Amazon S3 bucket

  1. Go to the

  2. Choose Create bucket.

  3. Type a bucket name, and then choose Next.

  4. Select Versioning to keep all versions in the same bucket, and then choose Next.

  5. Choose Next to accept the default permissions.

  6. Choose Create bucket.

For more information about Amazon S3, see Amazon Simple Storage Service Console User Guide.