Quotas - Amazon File Cache


Learn about quotas when working with Amazon File Cache.

Quotas that you can increase

The following are quotas for Amazon File Cache per AWS account, per AWS Region, which you can increase.

Resource Default Description

Lustre Cache_1 caches


The maximum number of Amazon File Cache caches with cache type Lustre and deployment type Cache_1 that you can create in this account.

Lustre Cache_1 storage capacity


The maximum amount of storage capacity (in GiB) that you can configure in this account for all Amazon File Cache caches with cache type Lustre and deployment type Cache_1.

To request a quota increase
  1. Open the AWS Management Console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/fsx/.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose FSx on Service Quotas.

  3. Choose a Lustre Cache quota.

  4. Choose Request increase at account-level, and follow the directions to request a quota increase.

  5. To view the status of the quota request, repeat the first three steps and see the Recent quota increase requests pane for details.

For more information, see Requesting a quota increase in the Service Quotas User Guide.

Resource quotas for each cache

The following are limits on Amazon File Cache resources for each cache in an AWS Region.

Resource Limit per cache
Maximum number of tags 50
Number of file updates from linked S3 bucket per caches 10 million / month
Minimum storage capacity 1.2 TiB
Maximum throughput per unit of storage 1000 MBps

Additional considerations

In addition, note the following:

  • You can use each AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key on up to 125 Amazon File Cache caches.

  • For a list of AWS Regions where you can create caches, see Amazon File Cache availability.