Quotas - Amazon FSx for Lustre


Following, you can find out about quotas when working with Amazon FSx for Lustre.

Quotas That You Can Increase

Following are the quotas for Amazon FSx for Lustre per AWS account, per AWS Region, which you can increase for specific deployment types by contacting AWS Support.

Resource Default limit Can be increased up to
Number of file systems 100 Thousands

Number of file updates from linked S3 bucket per file system

10 million / month

Hundreds of millions / month

Total number of user-initiated backups for all file systems


Total storage for all file systems 100,800 GiB. This is the default value. Petabytes

To request a quota increase

  1. Open the AWS Support Center page, sign in if necessary, and then choose Create case.

  2. For Create case, choose Account and billing support.

  3. In the Case details panel, make the following entries:

    • For Type, choose Account.

    • For Category, choose Other Account Issues.

    • For Subject, enter Amazon FSx for Lustre service limit increase request.

    • Provide a detailed Description of your request, including the following for each file system that you are requesting an increase for:

      • The file system ID and Region.

      • The file system's deployment type – SCRATCH_1, SCRATCH_2, or PERSISTENT_1.

        If PERSISTENT_1, provide the throughput tier – 12 MB/s, 40 MB/s, 50 MB/s, 100 MB/s, or 200 MB/s.

        If HDD, provide the drive cache type – NONE or READ.

      • The file system's preferred Availability Zone.

      • The FSx quota that you want increased, and the value that you want it increased to, if known.

      • The reason why you are seeking the quota increase.

  4. Provide your preferred Contact options and choose Submit.

Resource Quotas for Each File System

Following are the limits on Amazon FSx for Lustre resources for each file system in an AWS Region.

Resource Limit per file system
Number of tags 50

For information on throughput capacity, see Amazon FSx for Lustre Performance.