Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
Windows User Guide

Managing User Sessions and Open Files

You can monitor connected user sessions and open files on your Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file system using the Shared Folders application. The Shared Folders application provides a central location to monitor who is connected to the file system, along with what files are opened and by whom. You can perform adminstrative tasks to manage connected user sessions and open files as follows:

  • Restore access to locked files.

  • Disconnect a user session, which closes all files opened by that user.

The following procedures detail how you can manage user sessions and open files on your Amazon FSx file system.


Managing user sessions and open files functionality is only available on Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file systems created after 7:00 AM EST, October 17, 2019. To use this functionality on an existing file system, you will need to create a new file system from a backup of the existing file system.

Launching the Shared Folders Application

  1. Launch the Amazon EC2 Windows instance and connect it to the Microsoft Active Directory to which you've joined your Amazon FSx file system. To do this, choose one of the following procedures from the AWS Directory Service Administration Guide:

  2. Connect to your instance as a user that is a member of the file system administrators group (AWS Delegated FSx Administrators in AWS Managed Active Directory (AD), and Domain Admins or the custom group you specified during creation for file system administration in your self-managed Microsoft AD). For more information, see Connecting to Your Windows Instance in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Windows Instances.

  3. Open the Start menu and run fsmgmt.msc using Run As Administrator. Doing this opens the Shared Folders GUI tool.

  4. Choose Action, and then choose Connect to another computer.

  5. For Another computer, enter the DNS name of your Amazon FSx file system, for example

  6. Choose OK. An entry for your Amazon FSx file system then appears in the list of Shared Folders.

Managing User Sessions

Choose Sessions to view all the user sessions that are connected to your Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file system. If a user or application is accessing a file share on your FSx file system, this snap-in will show you their session. You can disconnect sessions by opening the context (right-click) menu for a session and choosing Close Session.

To disconnect all open sessions, open the context (right-click) menu for Sessions, and choose Disconnect All Sessions, and confirm your action.

Managing Open Files

Choose Open Files to view all the files on the system that are currently open. The view also shows which users have the files or folders open. This information can be helpful in tracking down why other users cannot open certain files. You can close any file that any user has open simply by opening the context (right-click) menu for the file's entry in the list and choosing Close Open File.

To disconnect all open files on the file system, the context (right-click) menu for Open Files and choose Disconnect All Open Files, and confirm your action.