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Install AWS GameKit with the Unity engine


Download and install AWS GameKit for use with a Unity project. This topic describes how to set up AWS GameKit in the Unity development environment.


To use the AWS GameKit package:

AWS GameKit source code is available for customization. To modify the code and generate a custom package, you need a code editor for working with C# game projects. For example, for Visual Studio you need these tools:

  • Visual Studio C# integration, as described in the Unity Documentation

  • Visual Studio 2019 with the following tools installed:

    • On the Workloads tab:

      • Desktop Development with C#

      • Game development with Unity:

        • C++ profiling tools

        • C++ AddressSanitizer (optional)

        • Windows 10 SDK (10.0.18362 or newer)

    • On the Individual components tab: .NET Framework 4.8 SDK

What's in the AWS GameKit package

The AWS GameKit package includes the following:

  • Binaries for the Unity Editor.

  • AWS GameKit C# libraries with functionality for each game feature.

  • C# example code with API calls for testing each game feature.

  • Automated scripts for setting up AWS users with permissions for AWS GameKit and security credentials.

  • Default configuration files, which AWS GameKit uses to create your game backend.

Install AWS GameKit

Download the AWS GameKit package and install it with your Unity project.

To install:
  1. Get the AWS GameKit package as a .tgz file from the AWS GameKit for Unity GitHub repo: aws/aws-gamekit-unity.

  2. With you project open in the Unity Editor, go to the Editor main toolbar and choose Window, Package Manager.

  3. In the Package Manager window, choose the Add button in the status bar and select the option Add package from tarball. Locate your downloaded .tgz file and select it.

    The Unity Package Manager automatically unpacks the tarball and sets up the package for use in the Editor.

  4. Verify that AWS GameKit is now displayed in the main toolbar. The Project window now has AWS GameKit added in the Projects folder. In the Assets folder, a new com.amazonaws.gamekit folder contains the code that AWS GameKit uses to deploy and manage a game's backend on AWS.

You can now start use AWS GameKit to build cloud-based features into your Unity project. Next steps: